Who we are at Rochter

About me: Anne Gubbels

As a qualified hotel manager with many years of experience, there could be no better challenge for me than opening a hotel in my hometown Rachtig near Bernkastel-Kues. Rachtig is known as "Rocht" in the local dialect, hence the hotel's name "Rochter".

A home away from home

We hope that you will feel at home here on your holiday on the Moselle. A place to relax in a traditional atmosphere without sacrificing the conveniences of modern life!

Your hostess

anne gubbels

Tradition meets modern living

It started with an old vineyard house like so many that line the Moselle Valley. It was modest and rather practical and it struck us as perfectly suited for transformation into a lovingly and modern furnished holiday home.

We did an elaborate renovation and extension in 2017-18 to create four holiday apartments that offer a welcoming space for you.

Renovation of Rochter Apartments in Zeltingen-Rachtig
Renovation apartment on the Moselle
Renovation Apartment Zeltingen-Rachtig

The Chur Köln Hotel in a new guise

In 2018, we turned out attention to our Rochter Landhotel. The former Chur Köln Hotel had been welcoming guests and locals in Zeltingen-Rachtig for over 100 years. It was a place full of history and memories: the former dance hall, morning-after breakfasts, family celebrations...

It was time to resurrect "Beim Bippel", as the locals call it. With a special place in local hearts...

Renovation Hotel Chur Köln Zeltingen-Rachtig
Renovation Rochter Landhotel Moselle
Renovation Rochter Hotel Zeltingen-Rachtig